Deadlock on Fuel Price

Every agreement regarding public interests must be very frustrating, and deadlock never stands far! especially talking about the “hot topic” -fuel price increases. For the sake of economic stability all parties in the ruling coalition agreed on this government decision. leaving the oppositions parties behind. by the increasing, the Government demanding that saving be used for infrastructure, education and public health.

personally i think, the subsidized fuel oil price hike will definitely have a negative impact, like the prices of other goods and services rise BUT the decision is very good for the economy in the medium and long terms. *fingers crossed*

if Government thinks there is another “wiser” solution they will never take this road. so stop blaming and try to think positive. rite now, only 1 question left “what we can do to help our nation?” —- *cheers* and for those of you who are still struggling on your way home, be safe ok? 😉


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