bikers terror

Today the existence of biker gangs brought so much fear into the city. well, including my parents.. last nite they called me just to checked up on my status. that wasn’t because I stayed late but because i brought vespa with me. ooohhh so much parents typical rite??

what i could say is I blamed police ignorance for the brutality of motorcycle gang in Jakarta. if the Polda efforts to tackle the issue is by conducting patrols over city, they were just simply inadequate.

Police ignorance of the existence of biker gangs would triggered social conflicts and vigilante acts, such as what occurred the last couple days.
Without proper and sustainable efforts to tackle this situation, it is not impossible that more serious conflicts will occur. From now on lets just keep our head clean and chill so we’re not easy to get provoked by some strangers. the more important thing is watch your 6 (i mean your back). then we pray A LOT! hopefully we’re still under God’s watch and blessed. amiiiiiiiin 🙂


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